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MongooseMod 4.2a

Vanilla-Based Full-Game Mod, in Development over 10 Years

  1. LunarMongoose
    Vanilla-based full-game mod. Professional quality, superior design, and built for multiplayer. This is the definitive content, bugfix, and polish release, in development almost 3 years.

    If you already have the 4.2 main download from 4 Jan 2017, you can grab the 4.2-to-4.2a Patch (15.1 MB) instead, if you prefer!

    Version 4.3 will focus on a long-planned and badly-needed K-Mod code merge, but it may take a while, heh.

    Please see This Subforum for detailed information, screenshots and discussion.

Recent Reviews

  1. Bananass
    Version: 4.2