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MWNN MOD Beta 2016-10-05

NOTE there is an optional patch HERE
Im calling this Civ3 Deluxe...because I left most of the game alone, and mearly added elements that I didnt feel were used enough through out the game(for example Hidden nationality is sorely underused, as is Stealth attack, Ships carrying missles, Lethal Land bombardment etc)...So here is a little tease...

This is just a sample of the additions:

ALL UUs removed, as they arent balanced(Dromon vs f-15...War elephant vs chasquoi scout)

(Some of the) Added Units:

Cutter:6/10(9) mv3: Upgrade from the Privateer(Steel)

Mercenary: 2/2 Mv 2: Hidden Nationality(currency)

DaVinci Tank: 7/6 mv1: upgrades to Tank(Steam Power)

Ancient Transport: 0/2 mv3 transport 2: Upgrades to Caraval(Map Making)

Pricipes: 2/3(3) mv 1:Upgrades to Marine: Amphibious(Monarchy)

Trident: 4/3(8) mv3 :Upgrades to Destroyer: multiple Bombard. Lethal land and sea (Magnetism)

Wooden Submarine: 7/4 mv4: doenst upgrade : Steam Power

Pirate Submarine: 7/5 mv3: doesnt upgrade :Hidden Nationality: Electricity

Jeep: ARMY UNIT: lethal bombard of 8 :2 unit limit(up to 3): spawned from Ford's Factory

War elephant: 5/3:requires Elephants:upgrades from Elephant rider: all terrain as roads, no cost in Forest or Jungle: avail to all civs with Chivalry

National Guard:replaces Mech Infantry 10/18: Computers

Civil Task Force: 1/1 (and 1 shield to build) costs a popluation (Synthetic Fibers)

Civil Defender: 1/1 (and 1 shield to build) costs a popluation: upgrades to Civil Task Force (Nationalism)

War Camel: 3/4 mv3 : requires Camels: Upgrades from Camel rider(Chivalry)

Camel Rider: 2/1 mv 3: requires Camels: Animal Domestication

Mamluk: 4/4 mv 4: requires Camels: Military tradition

Combat Engineer: 4/6(6)mv1 lethal land bombard: can build Colony. Road, Rail, Fort, Airfield, outpost, radar tower, barracade.
: upgrades from Crusader

Spruance Destroyer: 10/10(7) mv 9: carries Missiles(2): Rocketry

Des Moines Cruiser: 8/15(7) mv8: carries missles(2): Rocketry

Elephant Cavalry: 6/4 mv1: all terrain as roads, ignore cost on Jungle and Forest: upgrades from War elephant: Military Tradition

Ironclad Paddle Wheel: 5/6(4) mv4: lethal land and sea bombard: spawned from the Seafaring academy

Tractor Tank: 12/6 mv1: spawned from Industrial Tank Works

Stridsfordon: 24/16 mv3: upgrades from t-62(Synthetic fibers)

ARL-44: 15/6 mv4: spawned from Desert Tank Works

Black Eagle: 26/20 mv2: upgrades from Patton(synthetic Fibers)

BTR-70: 18/16 mv5: upgrades from Panzer: Synthetic fibers

LeClerc: 24/20 mv2: spawned from Jungle Tank Works

Patton: 17/10 mv1: Military Armor

Panzer: 14/8 mv 3: military Armor

SMK: 30/25 mv3: Blitz: Spawned from Modern Tank works

T-62: 16/8 mv 2: Military Armor

HummVee :ARMY UNIT:holds 2(3): spawned from Desert Command Center

Strike Missle: 0/0 (12) : tactical missle(rocketry)

Searcher UAV:mv 2; mobile air unit...stats irrelivant...range of 10 for recon(Advanced Flight)

Halftrack: 10/5 mv2: (Automobile)


Kitty Hawk(WONDER) :-Flight- creates Veteren Air units(or in otherwords it does nothing)

Seafaring Academy(Sm WONDER) :-Ironclads- Creates Veteren Ships, +2 ship move, Spawns Ironclad Paddle Wheel

Amusement Park: (WONDER)-the corporation- Reduces corruption, and war weariness. 2 happy faces in the city, 1 happt in all cities

Cafe(Improvement) :-Democracy- Requires Democracy Govt- adds 2 shields to production, checked as power plant(replacement flag)

Ford's Factory(WONDER) : -Automobile- must have Iron/Rubber in city radius. Adds 3 production, halves upgrade cost, and increases Leader appearance rate...Puts a Factory in every city...Also Spawns Jeeps

Big Ben(WONDER) : -Replaceable Parts- increases city defences, double vs Barbs, Stealth barrier

Rosetta Stone(WONDER) :-Education- +50% research, double city research

Hubble Telescope(WONDER) : Requires Apollo program...+50% research, double city research, stealth attack barrier

Desert Command Center(Improvement) : Requires 2 Desert Tank Works...Spawns Hummvee

Jungle Tank Works(Improvement)-Synthetic Fibers-: Requires Jungle(RES) within city radius. Spawns LeClerc tank

Desert Tank Works(Improvement)-Military Armor-: Requires Desert(RES) within city radius. Spawns ARL-44

Industrial Tank Works(Improvement) requires Ford's Factory...Spawns Tractor Tank

Modern Tank Works(Improvement)-Synthetic Fibers- requires the Iron Works...Spawns SMK tank

Movie Theatre(Improvement)-Electronics- 50% tax increase, 2 happy people in the city

Berlin Wall(WONDER)-Fascism- requires Fascism, and a victorious Army. Doubles City defences, and increases Leader appearance rate...also puts a wall in every city

Communist Manifeto(WONDER)-Communism- requires Communism. Reduces corruption, and Propaganda. Also increases the chance of a leader appearing.

Green Peace(WONDER)-recycling-reduces pollution and puts a recycling center in every city

HollyWood(WONDER) requires 5 movie theatres. reduces War weariness, and earns 5% on the treasury...Also doubles the happiness of Movie theatres

Senate(Improvement) -The Republic- Requires the Republic govt. +1 production, +1 happy people...resistance to Propaganda, and reduces corruption

Olympic Games(Sm WONDER) -Nationalism- reduces War weariness in all cities

Jade Carver(Improvement) Requires Jade within City radius. +2 shields, +1 happy face

Lumber Mill(Improvement) Requires Timber withing city radius. +3 shields

Shopping Center(Improvement) -Capitolism- requires 5 marketplaces +50% tax output

Mall(Sm Wonder) -The coorporation- must have 5 shopping centers to build...50% tax output, treasury earns 5%, +1 trade in any trade producing square


Ivory changed to Elephants

Timber - S - 0/1/0

Pigs - B - 2/1/0

Jade - L - 0/0/3

Cocoa - B - 0/2/0

Coffee - L - 0/2/0

Camels - s - 1/0/1

Jungle - S - 0/0/0

Desert - S - 0/0/0


Broze Working changed to Mining

Iron Working changed to Smelting

Horseback riding changed to Animal Domestication

Map Making changed to Cartography

Automobile requires Combustion

Capitolism requires Economics and Democracy

Motorized Transportation changed to Military Armor

{edit} culturally specific unit lines being added...
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