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Narnia scenario for FfH2 2016-10-05

As some lads seemed to like my previous scenarious, i decided to make another one :)

This time the scenario is based on wonderful books by C.S.Lewis about land of Narnia :king:

The playable civilizations in this scenario are:

- Kingdom of Narnia:
Ruled by the evil Empress Jadis, a.k.a. White Witch, one of the most powerful civs in scenario. Easy difficulty.
- Narnian Rebels:
The folks, who didn't liked Jadis rule. Second most powerful civ. Easy difficulty.
- Earth people:
Some kids, who have accidentaly wandered in Narnia. Medium difficulty.
- Kingdom of Archenland:
The peaceful Archens under the rule of King Cor. Hard difficulty.
- Calormen Empire:
The first Calormen invasion force, trying to get a foothold in Narnia. Medium difficulty.
- Telmar:
Land of Telmar is threatened by famine, so the Telmarians have sent an army in hope of conquering better lands. Medium difficulty.
- Bism:
A.k.a. Underworld. The new leader of peaceful Earthmen has made a change in Earthmen ways, he wants to expand out of Underworld. Hard difficulty.
- Followers of Aslan:
Seeing the Narnians endangered, Aslan comes to aid once again. Hard difficulty.
- House of Harfang:
The last civilized remnants of the ancient giant civilization. Medium difficulty.

(Note that for better balance all civs start on the same tech level)

Map screenshot:

(Size: 69x59)

The scenario version is 0.5 and it uses FfH2.021, it is not yet thoroughly tested, so any bug reports and suggestions are welcomed :)

Also, thx to Kael for his magnificent fantasy mod FfH2 and to strategyonly for making map of Narnia ;)

- improved balance between Aslan and Jadis, to ensure longer surviving of Aslan, if he's AI.
- improved Earthmen military, to avoid AI early losing.
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