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Native North American Citizens and Specialists 2016-10-05

Here are some Native North American Citizens and Specialists that I created for the History Game Canada. They are the ones in the "popHeads" file that are the citizens that appear in the city screen, and specialists.

I didn't alter the male citizen tier 1, except that I believe it had a problem with the civ colour in the original file which I fixed up (IIRC). The tier 2 of the male citizen, I added a mohawk headdress, as requested by the HGC team. I created all the rest from scratch, based on descriptions and research I did. They are, tier 1 and 2 of a female citizen, and replacements for the Tax Collector, Scientist, and Entertainer. Mine are: a native Trader, Elder, and Sacred Clown (Heyokha). There are male and female versions of each. I created the trader with 2 different pelts in his hand, so I included 2 different popHead files in the download so that you could choose whichever you prefer. Each of the specialists is holding an object, as requested of me by the HGC team. The Traders hold animal pelts, the Elders hold turtle rattles, and the Sacred Clowns hold feather fans. The male elder has a feathered headress on above his hair, in case it wasn't too clear.

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