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Patch Notes - Ethiopia Pack and Persona Pack (July 2020)

Unique Ability – Roosevelt Corollary
  • Units receive +5 Combat Strength on their home continent. Envoys sent to City-States you have a Trade Route to count as two Envoys. Gain the Rough Rider unique unit with Rifling.
Agenda – Big Stick Policy
  • Likes peaceful civilizations that have a city on his home continent.
  • Dislikes civilizations starting wars on his continent.
Unique Ability – Antiquities and Parks
  • Breathtaking tiles adjacent to either a Natural Wonder or a Mountain receive +2 Science. Breathtaking tiles adjacent to either a Wonder or Woods receive +2 Culture. All tiles in a city with a National Park are +1 Appeal.
Agenda – The Bull Moose
  • Likes civilizations with high appeal tiles.
  • Dislikes civilizations with low appeal tiles.
  • Settles near high appeal tiles and builds more high appeal districts and wonders.
Unique Ability - Catherine’s Magnificences
  • Improved Luxury resources adjacent to Theater Square districts or Châteaux receive +2 Culture. May initiate the Court Festival project in any city with a Theater Square district. When the project finishes, players earn Culture and Tourism based on the number of excess copies of Luxury resources France possesses.
Agenda - Sumptuous Finery
  • Likes civilizations that trade Luxury resources to France.
  • Dislikes civilizations that have not made such a trade.
  • Tries to collect as many copies of Luxury resources as possible.
Please note: Original Catherine De Medici can now be found as Catherine de Medici (Black Queen)


Unique Ability – Aksumite Legacy
  • Ethiopia’s International Trade Routes grant +0.5 Faith per resource at the origin. Improved resource tiles receive +1 Faith for each copy of the resource the city owns. Can purchase Archaeology Museums and Archaeologists with Faith.
Unique Unit – Oromo Cavalry
  • [Base Game or Rise and Fall] Ethiopian unique Medieval era light cavalry unit. Has additional sight and receives no Movement penalty from moving in Hills.
  • [Gathering Storm] Ethiopian unique Medieval era light cavalry unit. Stronger and greater sight than the Courser that it replaces. Receives no Movement penalty from moving in Hills.
Unique Improvement – Rock Hewn Church
  • [Gathering Storm] Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Rock-Hewn Church, unique to Ethiopia. Gives +1 Faith and +1 Faith for every adjacent Mountain and Hills tile. Provides Tourism from Faith, after researching Flight. +1 Appeal. Can only be pillaged (never destroyed) by natural disasters. Can only be built on Hills or Volcanic Soil not adjacent to another Rock-Hewn Church.
  • [Base Game or Rise and Fall] Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Rock-Hewn Church, unique to Ethiopia. +1 Faith. +1 Faith for every adjacent Mountain and Hills tile. Provides Tourism from Faith, after researching Flight. +1 Appeal. Can only be built on Hills not adjacent to another Rock-Hewn Church.
Ability - Council of Ministers
  • Receive Science and Culture equal to 15% of your Faith generation in cities founded on Hills. Units receive +4 Combat Strength on Hills.
Agenda - Ethiopian Highlands
  • Prefers building cities on Hills.
  • Likes Civs who build cities away from Hills.
  • Dislikes Civs who build cities near or on Hills.

  • [Base or Rise and Fall] Your civilization receives +1 Culture for each Delegation or Embassy from a foreign civilization through diplomacy. +1 Envoy if built next to the City Center. Enemy Spies operate at 2 levels below normal targeting this district and adjacent districts. Only 1 can exist in your empire at a time.
  • [Gathering Storm] Your civilization receives +1 Diplomatic Favor for each Delegation or Embassy from a foreign civilization through diplomacy. +1 Envoy if built next to the City Center. Enemy Spies operate at 2 levels below normal targeting this district and adjacent districts. Only 1 can exist in your empire at a time.
Envoy bonuses have been rebalanced to tie into the Diplomatic Quarter and its Tier 1 and 2 buildings (more information on those below).
  • Having 1 Envoy assigned grants +1 yield in the first building of particular districts and Capital.
  • Having 3 Envoys assigned grants +2 yield in the second building of particular districts and Consulate building.
  • Having 6 Envoys assigned grants+3 yield in the third building of particular districts and Chancery building.

  • +2 Influence Points per turn. Enemy Spy levels are reduced by 1 when targeting this city or cities with Encampments.
  • +3 Influence Points per turn. When this civilization captures or kills an enemy Spy, receive 50 Science for every level of the enemy Spy.
[Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm]
Secret Societies Game Mode

Discover the secret societies pulling the strings of civilization since the dawn of man. Only the most privileged have ever laid eyes on them. Each Society grants new unseen powers but make your selection carefully. Once a Society is joined, you can never leave.

This game mode adds four powerful and mysterious Secret Societies to the world. To make contact, seek out a Society where its influence might hide: Barbarian Camps, Tribal Villages, Natural Wonders, or City-States. Discovery is not guaranteed, but you are more likely to find a Society that other players have not discovered, or on continents where no Society has yet been discovered. Alternatively, invest in diplomatic visibility to learn about them from other leaders.

Discovering a Society unlocks a unique Governor with powerful bonuses, which players do not need to assign to a city. Once you become a member of a Society, you commit to membership for the rest of the game.

Alliances with players who are members of the same Society generate Alliance Points more quickly, and those players will have an improved opinion of you in diplomacy. Players who are members of a different Society, however, will dislike you once they are aware of your affiliation.

  • A player has a chance to discover this Society by sending Envoys to any City-State they currently have no Envoys at.
Governor Bonuses:
  • Level 1: +1 Economic policy slot. Each Trade Route started with a City-State awards 1 Envoy there.
  • Level 2: Unlocks the Gilded Vault. Replaces the Bank. Also provides this Commercial Hub’s gold adjacency bonus as Culture. Gives +1 Trade Route capacity if this city has a Harbor.
  • Level 3: +1 Wildcard policy slot. +2 Spy capacity. Cities with a Spy get +4 loyalty per turn and +1 Amenity.
  • Level 4: Whenever an offensive spy mission is successful, you also gain half of the Gold, Faith, Culture, and Science that the targeted city earned that turn. Earn 3% of your Gold treasury as Gold per turn (up to 1000 Gold per turn).
  • A player has a chance to discover this Society by discovering any Natural Wonder.
Governor Bonuses:
  • Level 1 - Reveal the Ley Line resource on the map. Ley Lines give standard adjacency to all specialty districts.
  • Level 2 - Unlock the Alchemical Society. Replaces the University. Also provides +1 Great Merchant point, and +1 Great Engineer point. +2 Production. Provides the Campus’s Science adjacency bonus as Gold.
  • Level 3 - For every Great Person earned, Ley Lines receive +1 yield equal to that Great Person's district type. Great Admirals and Great Generals earn +1 Science.
  • Level 4 - Unlocks Occult Research, a city project that requires the Campus district. It provides Gold while active. When completed, it grants Great Merchant, Great Scientist, and Great Engineer points. It also grants Science for every Ley Line in the city
  • A player has a chance to discover this Society by investigating Tribal Villages.
Governor Bonuses:
  • Level 1 - Unlocks the Old God Obelisk. Replaces the Monument. Also provides +4 Faith and 1 Great Work slot that can hold any kind of Great Work.
  • Level 2 - Cities earn Gold, Science, and Culture per turn equal to 20% of their Faith per turn rate.
  • Level 3 - Unlock the Cultist unit. Purchased with Faith, it is a Religious unit that can spend a charge to 'Recruit Followers' into the cult from enemy cities. This action reduces the Loyalty of the city it is in by 10 and requires a charge. When the Cultist expires, the owning player is awarded with a Relic of the Void
  • Level 4 - Unlocks the Dark Summoning city project which can be performed in cities that have an Old God Obelisk. While active, it converts Production per turn into Faith. When the project is completed, it increases the amount of Loyalty damage your Cultists do against enemy cities by 2 (up to a maximum of 30).
  • A player has a chance to discover this Society by capturing Barbarian Camps.
Governor Bonuses:
  • Level 1 – Player granted a Vampire unit. Combat unit with variable melee strength. Reduced passive healing. Retreats to capital upon death, healing to 1 HP. Heals an additional 50 HP from pillaging enemy tiles. Gains Combat Strength when a unit dies adjacent to it. Has base Combat Strength equal to the player's strongest built unit. Strength from defeated Barbarian is capped at +10.
  • Level 2 - Unlock the Vampire Castle improvement. Cannot be placed next to another Vampire Castle. Can be placed on empty tiles in player-owned or neutral territory. Can only be placed by Vampires. Grants defensive bonus to any unit on the tile. Vampires move to the player's nearest Vampire Castle (or capital) when they die. The player may only have as many Vampire Castles as he has Vampires. Vampires can remove the player's Castles, and any unit can pillage Castles. Vampire Castles grant yields to their owner's capital equal to the yields of all adjacent tiles. Player granted a second Vampire unit.
  • Level 3 - Unlock Intimidation passive bonus for Vampires. Enemy units adjacent to the Vampire lose 5 Combat Strength. Vampires can pillage for 1 movement cost. Player granted a third Vampire and third Vampire Castle build.
  • Level 4 - Units can airlift to/from Vampire Castles. Player granted a fourth Vampire and a fourth Vampire Castle build

  • Added information to the Espionage pop-up that calculates mission success probabilities.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips failed to update for the Chat Panel and Trade Menu when resizing them while having the “Replace Hold-to Drag with Clicks” option enabled during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where inaccurate information would be present in the World Climate menu after a Comet Strike during Apocalypse mode gameplay.
  • UI camera panning has been disabled when a popup is active to prevent unintended panning.
  • The items in the promotion panel stack now have more room to fit verbose languages.
  • Wonder movies can now be dismissed with right-click.
  • Fixed an issue with the Great Work Heist spy mission that prevented players from stealing Great Works.
  • Fixed an issue where a Great Prophet notification was not triggering after earning enough Great People points.
  • Fixed an issue where GDRs were incorrectly affecting city Defense Strength.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect information would be displayed when changing the number of Envoys, while there is an Envoy modifier in effect.
  • Fixed some internal calculations for Rock Bands and Tourism.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be prevented from planting woods on unrevealed resources.
  • Fixed an issue where max unit strength was not properly updating the city strength.
  • Fixed an issue where end of movement penalties were applying early and preventing units from using their final movement points.
  • Fixed an issue where restarting the build of a district would be prevented if a new resource had popped up on its location.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wonder Placement lens will remain open when opening and closing the City Details list before selecting a tile for a Wonder during gameplay.
  • Fixed invalid combat previews from appearing when units are awakened.
  • Fixed an issue where pillaged City-State resources would add to the number the Suzerain got, instead of subtracting.
  • Fixed various text bugs.
  • Fixed a crash caused by pillaging in neutral territory.
  • Various additional crash fixes addressed
  • Fixed an issue where AI tracking of Envoys was getting miscalculated when an Envoy modifier was in effect.
  • Additional AI improvements.

Red Death
  • Fixed an issue where units killed by mines and gifts stayed alive with 0 HP.
  • Fixed an issue where the spark animation showing at incorrect times
  • Text for a failed Gift Drop now displays on the target hex and is only available to the dropping player.
  • Added icon for Jocks’ Hail Mary ability.
  • The multiplayer chat window will now automatically begin scrolling once it has first filled with messages.

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