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Patchmod with rebalanced REF 2016-10-05

Patchmod with rebalanced REF

  1. uppi
    Current Version: 1.02

    One of the main gripes with Civ4: Colonization was that the REF increases with the liberty bells you produce. I expanded the great PatchMod by Dale and snoopy with a new REF mechanism.

    Version 1.02:
    - Based on PatchMod 1.07
    Version 1.01:
    - Integrated improvements of PatchMod 1.06b
    - Decreased effect of giving in to the King's demands (IMO the effect was to great in the previous version)
    Version 1.00 (based on PatchMod 1.06):
    - Initial REF size is increased and difficulty dependent
    - REF scales with time and difficulty
    - Liberty bells have no influence on REF size
    This is not fully tested yet with all the different options, so comments, criticism and bug reports are welcome.