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Planetfall 2016-10-05


  1. Maniac
    Requires Beyond the Sword 3.19
    Get the latest patch here.
    Forum Thread

    Earth, 2060. A small group of colonists leaves the ravages of Earth for a distant planet orbiting Alpha Centauri's primary star. Their ship, the United Nations Starship Unity, carries them on their journey to a new world and a new hope for humankind. Along the way a reactor malfunction damages the Unity, precipitating a crisis among the ship's seven most powerful leaders. As they enter the Alpha Centauri system, the crew splits into seven distinct factions, divided not by nationality, but by ideology, and their vision for the new world. After the ship breaks apart, the seven leaders guide their chosen crew down to the surface of Planet, seeking their destiny beneath an alien sky.

    This mod has as goal to recapture the atmosphere and story of SMAC, but create an improved gameplay with the tools offered by Civ4.


    Q: Is it possible to hear the original SMAC voice quotes in Planetfall?

    A: Yes it is, or at least some of the tech quotes are used. This will be expanded further into the future.

    To enable the tech quotes, you should copy the SMAC fx and voices folder into the Planetfall Sounds folder, as indicated on the screenshot. If you do not do this, you'll just hear a 'ping' upon researching a technology.

    Q: But I don't own SMAC, and I want to hear SMAC sounds!

    A: Sucks to be you. You may be able to purchase it here though. But do hurry. Good things never last.


    1. harshmistress_0s9.jpg
    2. gaianrecruitmentposterdownload_SG4.jpg
    3. planetfallposterdownload_3zv.jpg
    4. selfbiased01_xHx.jpg
    5. garland_crater_9o8.jpg
    6. planetfall_new_terrain_graphics_7j4.jpg
    7. newdawn_30Y.jpg