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Portugal All Eras! (Civ 4 BTS 3.19) v3.1.0

20 Portuguese Leaders. 9 Civs (Portuguese Eras), 9 UUs and 9 UBs.

  1. raen
    printsportuallerascivs_Yri.png portugalunits_3uD.png portugalallerasnewleaders_9xO.png portugueseworldwonders_Axo.png Portugal All Eras!

    Portugal in their great times since the beginning of the country.

    With 20 Portuguese Leaders. 9 Civs (Portuguese Eras), 9 UUs and 9 UBs.

    UUs and UBs never repeated.

    5 Portuguese great wonders.

    For more details see pics or go to the original thread:

    [BTS] Portugal: All Eras!

    Version: Civ 4 beyond the sword, 3.19 patch

    Civilizations (9) and Leaders(20):
    Spoiler :

    Unique Units (9):
    Spoiler :

    Portuguese World Wonders (5):
    Spoiler :

    Eras Cronology:
    Spoiler :

    Tech Tree:
    Spoiler :

    Leaders and Civilizations Info:
    Spoiler :

    Eras Flags (9):
    Spoiler :

    Seafaring and Mercantile, and more to Leaders´s traits: (click here for the respective mod component)
    Spoiler :

    Unique Civics for all civs (click here for the respective mod component)
    Spoiler :

    CREDITS (with hyperlinks to the ART!)

    Spoiler :


    Aranor - Viriato
    cfkane, The Capo, IgorS - Afonso Henriques
    IgorS, Ekmek, The Capo - Henry the Navigator
    The Capo - Christian IV of Denmark (using for Manuel I)
    melcher kürzer - Mem de Sá
    melcher kürzer - Martim de Sousa
    Saibotlieh - Maria II
    The Capo, IgorS - Charles V (using for Vasco da Gama, changed background)
    IgorS- Nzinga A Nkuwu (aka Joao I)
    Refar - Konrad Adenauer (using for Salazar, changed background)
    Ekmek, Lokolus, PW90 - David Ben Gurion v2 (using for Mario Soares, changed background)
    C.Roland - Emperor Charlemagne (using for Afonso de Albuquerque)
    charle88 - Agustín de Ahumada y Villalón (using for Marques do Pombal, changed background)
    Nitram15, cool3a2 - János Szapolyai (using for Pedro Álvares Cabral)
    Nitram15 - Gaius Scipio v2 (using for Quintus Sertorius)
    Ramzay1945, Ekmek, Bernie14, The_Coyote, The Capo - Mstislav I of Kiev (using for Vimara Peres)
    il marchese - Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba
    Farsight - Henry VIII (using for Bartolomeu Dias, button from Kossuth v1, revised)


    Aranor - Lusitani civ (I changed flag, teamcolor and uniqueunit)


    The Capo, achilleszero: Ancient Lusitani Celtiberians (Portugal) (I changed horseman shield and horse)
    Asioasioasio, Serviu: F-16 Fighting Falcon (Jet Fighter)
    asioasioasio: B-24 Liberator (Bomber)
    JF00: [Reskin] B-24 Liberator (Bomber)
    Bakuel: Portuguese Middle Age Unit Pack
    Bakuel: Portuguese Ancient Age Unit Pack (Celtiberians)
    Danrell: 11 Portugal Units (Middle Age)
    strategyonly: Portugal (Modular)
    JustATourist: Portuguese Sailing Ships
    Bernie14 and CybAh (for correcting it! ):portuguese caçador (Rifleman)
    Snafusmith: Hawker Hurricane (fighter)
    snafusmith: Vickers 6 Ton (tank)
    Zerver: Portuguese industrial units
    Zerver: Portuguese Modern Soldiers (I changed beret color)
    Walter Hawkwood, Refar: Early Sailing Ships
    ambrox62: One of his amazing horses (to complete lusitanian warrior)
    Bakuel : Bakuel's India: more great people
    GarretSidzaka: Engineer with M. Worker Body
    varietas delectat
    Realism Invictus


    Tsentom1 - Python Traits (enhanced by me with the help of Platyping):
    Seafaring and Mercantile

    Platyping- Talented Trendy Tasty TraitPack


    Hrochland- ART
    Platyping- Enhanced Wonders
    Arian - Wonder Movies

    Compass Rose
    Palácio da Pena
    Padrão dos Descobrimentos
    Torre de Belém

    Vale do Douro (Douro Valley), based on Machu Pichu from GIR´s wonders

    CIVILOPEDIA (user interface)

    Platyping - Platy Pedia



    Spoiler :

    Ancient Portugal - The Lusitanians

    Viriato - 179?BC-139BC (aged 40?) - Leader of Lusitanians for 11 years (148BC-139BC).
    Adventurous / Charismatic

    UU - Guerreiro Lusitano (Lusitanian Warriors on Horse)
    UB - Fiosalai (Healing Granary)

    Independent Country

    D. Afonso Henriques - 1109–1185 (aged 76) - First King of portugal (The Conqueror). King for 46 years (1139-1185).
    Charismatic / Imperialistic

    UU - Cavaleiro de Cristo (Knights of the Order of Christ)
    UB - Mosteiro Cisterciense (Cistercian Monastery)

    Seafaring Era

    Infante D. Henrique - 1394-1460 (aged 66) - Prince Henry (The Navigator). Governor of Algarve and the order of christ for 41 years (1419-1460).

    D. João II - 1455–1495 (aged 40) - King (The Perfect prince) for 14 years (1481-1495).

    D.Manuel I - 1469-1521 (aged 52) - King (The Fortunate) for 26 years (1495-1521).

    UU - Nau (Carrack)
    UB - Feitoria (Colonial Trading Fort)

    Colonization of Africa

    Joao I (Nzinga a Nkuwu)

    UU - Escravo (Slave Worker)
    UB - Senzala (Slave Workers Home)

    Colonization of India

    Vasco da Gama

    Afonso de Albuquerque

    UU - Grande Explorador (Portuguese Great Explorers)
    UB - Mercado de Especiaciarias (Market of Spices)

    Colonization of Brazil

    Martim de Sousa - 1490-1571 (aged 81) - Seafaring Explorer and colonial administrator. Established the "Bandeiras" and "Entradas" Pattern.

    Mem de Sá - 1500-1572 (aged 72)- Governor-General of the Portuguese colony of Brazil for 15 years (1557-1572).

    UU - Bandeirante (Musketmen Explorers of Brazil)
    UB - Engenho (Brazil colonial sugar cane mill)

    Country Restoration

    Marquês do Pombal - 1699-1782 (aged 83) - Secretary of the State of the Kingdom for 17 years (1750-1777).

    Maria II - 1819-1953 (aged 34) - Queen (The Good Mother / The Educator) for 19 years (1834-1853)

    UU - Caçador (Portuguese Riflemen - The Fighting c ocks)
    UB - Companhia dos Vinhos (Wine Company)

    Second Republic (New State)

    Oliveira Salazar - 1889-1970 (aged 81) - Prime Minister of the New State (created by him) for 36 years (1932–1968).

    UU - Comando (Colonial War Marines - The Red Berets)
    UB - PIDE (International State Defence Police)

    Third Republic

    Mário Soares

    UU - Grande Arquiteto (Portuguese Great Architects)
    UB - Fundação (Public Portuguese Foundation/Institution)


    Portuguese Wonders:

    Torre de Belém

    Palácio da Pena

    Padrão dos Descobrimentos

    Sagres Compass Rose

    Douro Valley


    for Ancient Portugal - The Lusitanians
    Quintus Sertorius - 122(?)BC – 72 BC (aged 50?) - Roman statesman and general, contracted by Lusitania for 15 years (83BC - 72 BC)
    Favorite Civic: Depostism

    for Independent Country ERA
    Vímara Peres - 820-873(aged 53) - First Count of Portucale, knight and master of war. Count for 5 years (868-873).
    Favorite Civic: Vassalage

    for Colonization of Brazil Era
    Pedro Álvares Cabral
    Favorite Civic: State Property

    for Colonization of Africa ERA
    Bartolomeu Dias
    Favorite Civic: Caste System
    Dona Ana de Sousa(Nzinga) - 1582 - 1663 (aged 81) - Queen of Ndongo and Matamba. Queen for 37 years (1626-1663).
    Favorite Civic: Emancipation

    for Colonization of India Era
    Francisco de Almeida (NEW!)

    ENJOY :)
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