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Randomised British Isles Map v13

Map with the coastline of the British Isles but a randomised interior

  1. Localization

    - fixed a bug with true wonder regions where the same natural wonder could occasionally spawn twice.

    - added translated texts for all languages the game is localized for.
  2. Cliffs, Cartography and Natural Wonders

    - Cliffs will now be generated along coastlines, with an option in Advanced Setup to control the amount. They're weighted to appear more frequently if hills or mountains are nearby, so there tend to be a lot of them in Scotland.

    - Added an alternate shaped coastline based on a map from Ptolomy's Geographia. Can be toggled from Advanced Setup screen.

    - Added true start regions for natural wonders. White Cliffs of Dover will appear somewhere in southern England, Giants causeway (if you have...
  3. True Start Regions

    - moved list of land/water plots out of main lua script and into an SQL file.

    - Stopped mountains appearing on coast.

    - All-new method for assigning start locations, based on dividing the map into pre-defined start regions (e.g. Scotland, Wales, North England, South England). The correct number of major civs will now always spawn, and they will be spread evenly across the map.

    - Civ start biases toward terrain types/features do not apply on this map.

    - Civs can have True Start regions,...
  4. Tiny and Small

    added Tiny (40x49) and Small (50x61) map sizes.
  5. Bugfixes, Marshes and Forests

    - Fixed bug that caused deserts and snow to appear.
    - Mountain and tundra amounts toned down a little.
    - Forests and marshes are now generated in larger clumps.
    - Added setup screen options for forest and marsh amounts.