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RazEarth 2016-10-05

Alright, my version is design with these goals and opinions in mind:

- 100x100 standard sized map with 8 Civs provides the best gameplay experience.
- Resource, Barbarians, Civs, Terrain, etc. should be located in as close to the histrorical location as possible/reasonable.
- Areas that have not been significant to the 31 Civ 3 nations should be shrunken, conversely, areas that are extremely important should be enlarged.
- I accordance with the above, Europe especially should be Mega-Sized.
- Shrink the oceans as small as you can, expand the continents.
- Give all the civilizations fairly equal starting positions.
- Warp distort and bend the shape of the earth to fit the above goals with glee. (Notice how the korean peninsula points east now. North? South? East? West? They all change as you move about the map, it's like Escher art)
- Profit.
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