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Really Advanced Setup Lite 2017-02-15

The mod has been updated for Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm compatibility. Note that along with some other changes made for compatibility to other mods, the effects are not granted until you found your first city. The tech and civic pop-ups are usually delayed until you click on something directly after you found your first city.

Since I never seem to be able to get the CFC resource system to take an update properly please just use the Dropbox link provided here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0jncgzvkcw4rnp/ReallyAdvancedSetupLite.zip?dl=0) and on the mod's discussion thread
3rd attempt to upload an update

previous two attempts failed.

the update is to cure a small issue.
Update to fix a small code typo in the examples. Most people would not have noticed the typo.
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