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Replay Button 2.0.1

You can see again how you conquered the world

  1. fix mod for last game version

    fix mod for last game version
    fix research
  2. Big update

    Fix lag when opening/zooming/moving on big map when all plot are revealed

    Camera move like in game, arrow or mouse edge.

    New bug : map may disapear when zoomed or unzoom if you are too close from map left edge, my mod try to move camera on the best plot so explore just a little the world and find a plot between x15 and right edge of the map and there should be no more problem.

    Religions are now classified by number of converted cities

    option panel : now you can modify some options...
  3. fix game update color

    colors are back
  4. Resolution fix

    should now be compatible for any screen resolution
  5. GS + some bug fix

    now compatible with GS, the button is now top right or shift+R
  6. Optimized a bit

    should have less lag when zooming and when change turn
  7. Gold Stat + button less anoying

    Add gold stat:
    Gold balance
    Gold per turn
    Gold Gain per turn
    Gold loss per turn

    Button should be less anoying but can disappear,
    if it does just open tech tree or anything that should hide it and close tech tree or anything you open and it should be back