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Replay Button 1.0.3

You can see again how you conquered the world

  1. Gueux
    You can replay every past turn of a game and see stats, events of this turn

    to move on the map click on plots

    You can see every turn placement of :
    1. Unit
    2. City
    3. Ressources
    4. Barbarian camp
    5. Wonder
    6. Districts

    stats you can see of past turns :
    2018-11-07 (4).png
    1. number Of Cities
    2. real population ( Cityhab^3.6 - Cityhab^3 +1 )*2 (if you find a more realistic calcul say me)
    3. Game population (Total Number of citizens of every player)
    4. number of Units
    5. number of military Units
    6. military strength (addition of every military power)
    7. Game military strength (I think it's you current real power)
    8. Tech discovered
    9. Science per turn
    10. Civic discovered
    11. Culture per turn
    12. Tourism
    You can see information about past war
    2018-11-07 (1).png

    You can see religion spread and Government of every player
    2018-11-07 (2).png
    2018-11-07 (3).png

    You can search for a certain turn or a certain event
    2018-11-07 (5).png 2018-11-07 (6).png

    Events are:
    1. Declaration of war
    2. Peace treaty
    3. Change Government
    4. City conquered / reconquered/ razed
    5. Player defeat
    6. Religion Founded
    7. New Civic era reached (first)
    8. New Tech discovered (first)
    9. New Tech era reached (first)
    10. Wonder Constructed

    The button is top right beside time or short Cut shift+R... and is visible through everything can be anoying, so if you know how to put it behind say me

    May lag when you zoom on big map when you discovered many plots
    if you have any idea on how I could optimize it, say me

    Have fun


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