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Resource Generator - Lua component 2016-10-05

Resource Generator (V4)

This LUA component can be used to add new resources to the game without modifying "AssignStartingPlots.lua", this component is a standalone resource generator that uses its own algorithm to distribute the resource on the map. The new resource will be automatically spread on the map according to map size and defined terrain & feature Booleans in resource xml file.

This utility makes adding new resources more modular with no conflict between different MODs, also this utility is a workaround for adding a new luxury which is currently restricted in the game and hard to implement.

  • Add any new resource easily and with 1 line of code.
  • Automatically distributes the resource on the map using custom "ON Map Resource Generator" algorithm.
  • Supports all types of resources (luxury, strategic, bonus).
  • Adds quantity for a new resources depending on:
    • Map size
      [*]Pre-game resource option (sparse,Abundant...etc)
      [*]Number of civilizations in the game.
  • Quantity formulas for added resources were carefully balanced after getting in game statistics for all map sizes, resource options, number of civilizations.
  • Full support for defined Quantity types in xml file. Strategic resources are distributed accorded to these quantity types.
  • Will use the defined Terrain Booleans and Feature Booleans in resource xml file. (These values are ignored in "AssignStartingPlots" !!)
  • Spreads the resource evenly on the map using boundaries algorithm that divides the map in regions of equal areas.
  • High map dividing precision with divisions up to 320 regions of equal areas.
  • Does not modify any lua file in the game which makes adding a new resource more modular with no conflict between different mods.

For More Details go to the following thread:
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