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Respawn-Promotion (xml+python) 2016-10-05

Respawn-Promotion (xml+python)

  1. The_J
    A Respawn-Promotion :).

    Requested by cfkane for his Fictionalization IV mod.

    Credits: The python is totally based on tsentom1'sSurvival Promotion.
    The buttons are from FK2006 (i think).

    What it does:
    I've added 2 new promotions, respawn1+2.
    Every promotion gives the unit +1 life.
    If the unit dies, the higher respawn-promotion is lost, and the unit is in the capital reborn.
    A unit with respawn2 can die, is reborn, loses respawn2, but still has respawn1. If the unit then again dies, it will lose respawn1, but is still reborn. After that, the unit is a normal unit, but can also again get the respawn-promotions.

    For modders:
    I've added #### Respawn Start ## and ## Respawn End ## in the CvEventManager.py, so you can easy find it.
    To add more promotions to the respawn-function will be no problem.

    If yo have any questions, ask me or tsentom1 :).

    And give me and tsentom credit, when you use it :D.

    Edit: Re-uploaded, because of a bug, which was reported by Cybah.

    Edit 2: Re-uploaded, September, 5th, 6:02 PM forum time.

    Cleaned up the code, will now place ships in cities with sea-access, added AI to apply the promotion.

    Edit 3: Re-uploaded, September, 8th, 7:40 PM forum time.
    Replaced the button with the new one by Arian (here).

    Edit: Re-uploaded on September, 23th, 5:42 PM forum time.
    - Fixed a bug, which could lead to an invalid promoting order for the AI. Credits for finding this bug go to EmperorFool


    1. civ4screenshot0111_R4d.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0112_9i7.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0113_s9t.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0114_R52.jpg