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[RFC] Better Dynamic Names Mod (BDNM) 2016-10-05

[RFC] Better Dynamic Names Mod (BDNM)

  1. Moshe Dayan


    Inspired by Dumanios, this mod is quite simple. Essentially, it changes the dynamic names of many civs into their native language counterparts. Although the translations are far from literal (and in many cases, far from correct), they do add a nice bit of flavor to Rhye's and Fall of Civilization.

    Moreover, I have changed some dynamic names to more accurately reflect historical counterparts (i.e. the "French Mandate of Lebanon" is now the French translation of "The French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon"). This lends a deeper level of historical accuracy to the mod, which, after all, is exactly what RFC is about.


    Some (outdated) Screenshots:


    Just open the mod folder, be it regular RFC or RFC: DoC, go to Assets/XML, and extract the "text" folder to it. NOTE: This mod is now compatible with version 1.11 of Leoreth's Dawn of Civilization modmod

    Credit goes to Leoreth and Linkman for changing some of the dynamic names already, and to Rhye for making one helluva mod. :king: