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RFC Dawn of Alternate History 2016-10-05

Welcome to RFC: Dawn of Alternate History ModModMod pre-Alpha v. 0.1!

This mod is a modmod of the Civilization 4 mod RFC Dawn of Civilization. The goal of this modmod is to expand on the alternate history capabilities of DoC.

DISCLAIMER: This is in very early stages of Pre-Alpha testing. Do not be surprised if the mod is unstable, slow, or crashing frequently. This mod is only compatible with Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword 3.19.

How to download: Unzip and place into Mods folder.

Current Features:
500 AD Alternate History Scenario
Current Bugs/Errors: (please provide solutions if you know:
The starting year interface does not display properly in the select civilization screen.
Carthage's reborn stability map, while shown on the map, does not register for stability.
There are several issues with the communications pools and Apostolic Palace.

Planned Features:
Pre-Alpha: 2 more alternate history scenarios, probably in 1000 AD and 1600 AD.
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