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May 9, 2022
Aug 1, 2012
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August 13
The land of prequel memes

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Hopeless Situation Warrior, Male, from The land of prequel memes

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May 9, 2022
    1. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      I'll try and update the story tomorrow so that you can see your character in it before you leave!
    2. Royal Tenenbaum
    3. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      King Louis XV asks you, being a literary mind, to outline a small pamphlet that would support the invasion of Thailand as a means of developing the third-world region. Do you accept or decline?
    4. adhiraj.bose
      Actually I have vetoed several times if you look through the "final decisions" thread in the ministerial group. Just so you know, the Oracle had already been built during Ajatshatru's reign ( 461 BC ) and we bulbed Metal Casting and used that knowledge to trade for techs with other civs giving us a big scientific advantage early on. In addition of course to discovering aesthetics and drama through goody huts.
    5. Radio Noer
      Radio Noer
      Now that I'm out of school, I might consider a bit of a return, maybe a short little story to test the waters or something.
    6. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
      VICE did a documentary on MtG which I thought you would be interested in:
      I still don't play, though I follow the art, so I still want to throw the quip that I disagree with the brothers in the video; the modern art, especially the Jason Chan art is so much more polished.
    7. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
      I don't have an answer at the moment, but I can drop you an update later.
      I haven't been active in general on CFC for a number of reasons.
    8. GreekAnalyzer
      I am running late as well, just be on chat for the next half hour or so and the game will happen.
    9. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
      Yep. Female GPs, Great Statesmen as a new GP for starters.

      Bair & I have started a Japan Overhaul thread and I've suggested new Warfare Mechanics as well.
      Check them out!
    10. baseballpie
      Sure. So basically, Christian Huge (Christos) shot the king. He sets up a new government (a quote-on-quote "Republic"), and tries to win the old generals over. Some flip, but the navy (Blaze Injun), a large detachment of the army (Poly), some of the city garrison (Shadowbound) don't, while Captain Altraius, also of the city garrison, (nuke) plans to eventually backstab him. Meanwhile, Cuthbert (Robert Can't) is a priest who gets shot at a bunch while leading the union strikers, I'm a printer who is hiding the prince, who was almost executed, Cived is a (corrupt) merchant (?), Decamper is poor street beggars, SK is a college student, the Prince's uncle (talonschild) comes to get him but is beaten up by the mob, and the neighboring country invades with 75000 troops. Huge sends 600 to deal with them. That's pretty much it. Hope that cleared things up.
    11. citis
      The DoC forum index is open again. Should you update your post, or should I make a new post (in the later case I will ask Leoreth first)?
    12. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
    13. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
      That sounds like how quite a few artists get their careers started. It does indeed sound potentially interesting to me.
    14. Ailedhoo
      Forgot the condition: the Cult committed suicide. We will do joint research with them.
    15. Ailedhoo
      Tell Germany that I will trade you German robotic technology in respond to German failure to supply us the armor technology of the Cult of the Broken Gods but that such armor tech is the price for our hover tech.
    16. Polyblank
      We are more interested in your knowledge of hovercrafts rather than a sum of money. We shall as such trade on the terms of common technological benefit. Shall you post the deal on the thread?
    17. Leoreth
      Didn't expect you not to be able to edit these posts, will try to find out if there is a way.
    18. Polyblank
      What would Arctica offer Germany for us to give you our knowledge regarding robotics?
    19. Tomorrow's Dawn
      Tomorrow's Dawn
      He's probably one of the best illustrators in the field and honestly, what he's doing is the dream I'm chasing.
      His work with Wizards of the Coast is amazing, but I remember him better for the work he's done for Bioware, with the Morrigan concept piece.
      I've said this before, but maybe one day you'll see some of my own artwork on an MtG card
      (If I can hit that skill level and if Wizards of the Coast likes my portfolio).
    20. Sgt. Bears
      Sgt. Bears
      Update for the Forum Thread Index Stories Section:
      "History of the Congo" and "The Alternative History of France" are finished stories.
      "Poland: The Aristocratic Democracy" hasn't been updated for 2 and a half months so I would label it on Hiatus.
      "Rome Defeats its Destiny" hasn't been updated for 3 months so I would label it on Hiatus.
      "Sri Lanka 2: A Tamil Narrative (not an OCC) for RFC DoC" isn't really on Hiatus anymore.
      New Stories: "A Tryst with Destiny" by adhiraj.bose is active. "The Rise of Brazil" by CaterpillarKing is active (almost finished).
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    The land of prequel memes
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    I exist.

    Magic the Gathering, Civ, Pokemon and other games on all random settings, composing music, reading, telling puns


    "People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least while the music lasts."

    DoC Domination Victories (1.16, Monarch, Marathon): Greece, Babylon, Persia, Rome, Mongolia, Vikings
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