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RFC Reformation 2016-10-05

RFC Reformation

  1. Panopticon

    RFC Reformation is a sub-mod that adds the Protestant Reformation to the Rhye's and Fall of Civilization mod. In it, Judaism is replaced by Protestantism, and Christianity is replaced by Catholicism.

    Spoiler :
    Protestantism is founded by the first civ to discover Printing Press which has Catholicism as its state religion. To simulate the Protestant Reformation, there is a chance that any civ which controls a Catholic city will choose to embrace Protestantism instead. All their Catholic cities and buildings are converted to their Protestant equivalents (though large cities will retain a Catholic minority), and if a Catholic civ chooses to embrace Protestantism, their state religion is also switched. On the other hand, they can choose to resist the Reformation; in that case, they may end up with Protestant minorities in their cities instead. For human players, there is a prompt, which allows you to choose between the two: for the AI, this happens at random.

    The modified assets from the main RFC game include changed text and artwork, new icons and logos for Protestantism and Catholicism, and a number of amended Python files which handle the programming routines involved. Due to the changes involved, it is unlikely that save files from the unmodified RFC game will work with this mod. Credit to the Rapture mod for the modified Catholic artwork.

    Installation instructions are included in the readme.


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