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S7 Class Schnellboot 2021-01-16

Germany WWII Schnellboot

  1. Delta_Strife
    Torpedo motorboats (Schnellboote) were the development of successful prototype created by F. Lürssen in 1929. General characteristic lines for all series were round-bilge hull with small deadrise, triple-shaft diesel machinery, presence of two auxiliary rudders for creation of "Lürssen effect" (fitting of rudders under an angle to centreline for speed increase) and a bow arrangement of two TTs. Composite hull included light alloy framing, wooden planking and steel engine seating.

    The file contains all the sounds and pcx files. Model is not my own creation. Wyrmshadow provided the animation files and Ares de Borg did the sounds. I merely put the pieces together and cleaned up the model for CivIII and added some what if pieces. A big thanks to everyone that helped out!


    1. S7.jpg