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Sengoku-mod 2016-10-05


Sengoku-mod is a historical mod that includes an unhealthy number of players & clans and features like armies, leader succession, dynamic vassals, historical events and more.

Latest version is 1.0, released on 7-Aug-2013.

If you cannot run the Windows installer, you can download the 7zip version and install it manually to your Beyond the Sword/Mods folder. Note: for manual installation, uninstall or delete previous versions of the mod first!

Features overview
- A mod with 2 Scenarios, 56 Players and 70 Clans; play in feudal Japan as one of the great clans such as the Oda or Tokugawa, or as a small one such as the Chiba or Omura
- 200+ historical daimyo (clan leaders), leader units, dynastic succession
- 800+ historical warlords (generals) with their own XP & Promotions to lead multi-unit armies
- Vassals & fiefs: grant captured towns to your vassals, turn your generals into vassals or create new vassals from subjugated provinces
- Improved diplomacy: Trade agreements, Military access, Alliances, Hostage agreements, Diplomats, Fame and Honor
- Improved espionage: Universal Espionage, SuperSpies modcomp, Assassinations of Leaders, Warlords & other characters, Tarnish Reputation, Sabotage Units
- Appropriate soundtrack, sound effects for buildings, units, diplomacy etc.
- Speed: despite the large map with 56 players, the mod is fast and efficient (no MAFs)
- Other features such as Fame, Honor, Legitimacy, warlords for hire, historical and random events

Important note:
- when you start the game, it may take 2-3 minutes to load due to the number of players & units; turn times and save/load times are fine, however

For more information, credits and mod discussion see the mod's thread:
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One of the best mods for Civilization IV when it comes to cultural immersion. Total suspension of disbelief in bringing me to 16th century Japan. There are plenty of mods for CIV IV that add many things, but this feels like this came from a true Japonphile or Japan expert. Playing as the Ikko Ikki for example felt real... as a Zealous revolutionary faction trying so hard to bring down the Samurai order.

I logged into this account just to give this project a rating. Sengoku -mod is truly a five star. Especially considering its free and was made without any profit motive in mind.
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