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Sink Those Transports! 1.2

Embarked units receive a -20 combat strength modifier

  1. Religious units

    I noticed that religious units (Apostels) can initiate combat against other embarked religious units even when embarked themselves. This means they gained a 20 combat strength advantage when attacking on water. I have no idea why they are able to attack on water in the first place (reciting their holy book verses against each other while on a boat, until someone gives up?), but it is what it is.

    So to even this out, they now receive a -20 attacking modifier when embarked, as well as the...
  2. Less Strength Against All Attacks

    In version 1.1 embarked units now suffer a combat strength penalty against all attacks - naval, ranged, air, city centers, etc.

    In version 1.0 only naval attacks (i.e. from ships) were affected.