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SMAN's World at War: WW2 Scenario Civilizations Pack V1 Hotfix 2

Play SMAN's WW2 Custom Civs in a Regular Civ Game

  1. SMAN's World at War: WW2 Scenario Civilizations Pack

    Summary of Changes (V1, Hotfix 2): This hotfix was primarily a “harmonization” of various settings between this mod and the Main WAW, Unique Units, and WW2 Scenario On Any Map mods. Cleaning up unit definitions and other technical issues which sometimes caused odd behavior in various mod combinations (e.g. if Main WAW and the WW2 Civ Pack were enabled, aircraft units from the Civ Pack mod could not attack cities. Playing the Civ Pack alone, they could.).

  2. Repaired CTD causes in previous versions

    HOTFIX Notes:

    - Fixed a bug in the intitial upload version that was causing CTD's in various situations. For some reason, the compressed version of the mod that ModBuddy uploaded to Steam was corrupted some wehre along the way. I have re-downloaded this version of the mod to make sure the corruption didn't repeat. So far, everything looks like it should. Please, let me know if you see anything misbehaving.

    - At @old guy's request, I added a...