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Smarter Orcs 2016-10-05

This is a modification to Fall From Heaven II (0.23c) to improve its AI.


  1. Logged into an account with sufficient privileges to modify the needed folders, (if you don't know what these are, you likely have them):
  2. Go to your mods folder (default is C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meir's Civilization 4\Mods)
  3. Make a copy of your present Fall from Heaven II 0.23c folder.
  4. Rename that copy (such as "Smarter Orcs 023 c 016")
  5. Enter the main directory of the main Smarter Orcs folder.
  6. Copy the Assets folder from within the .zip file into this directory.
  7. You should get warnings that you're overwriting directories and/or files. Indicate Yes to all.
  8. Verify that (The main directory)\Assets\python\ has a date of 9/3/2007. If it doesn't, you didn't install this correctly.
  9. If desired, copy the shortcut from the main Smarter Orcs folder to the desktop, and change the target mod to the new Smarter Orcs folder name, or just load the mod normally from any Civ IV shortcut.
  10. If you want to use a separate Trophies.dat file (or don't have the original FfH II folder any more), edit (via any text editor, like Notepad) in the Assets\python subdirectory of the mod you just named. Replace "Fall from Heaven 2 023" with the name of the folder you made in step 4 such as "Smarter Orcs 023 c 016"). Save your edit. After exiting, verify that the file you just saved is still a python file- some editors will force the file to become a .txt file. If that is the case, delete (or rename) the original file, and rename the file you just edited to (note that the OS will likely give you a warning when you do this).

History (Full):
Version 0.16 - One crash fix, a few defect fixes, speed increases, AI reacts to loosing units to barbarians, barbarian tech changes, Khazad attempt to gain overflowing coffers.
Version 0.15 - fix for multiplayer resync issue, and one Hyborem fix.
Version 0.14 - fixed an infinite loop in the art defines.
Version 0.13:Combat fix - first strike multiplier
Version 0.12:Great Work fixes, 0.23c merge
Version 011:Settlement fixes, better mana selection, can do great works, combat fix (defensive combat percentage modifier), combat fix (defenders get resistances)
Version 010: Bonus logic added, more sprawling fixes, city resource issue fix, reduction in preference for cheap technologies.
Version 008: Speedups, fixes to combat odds (human and AI), support for different combat settings, mana build preference fix.
Version 007: A fix for the city resource issue.
Version 006: A couple patches (visibility, city resources); sprawling fix.
Version 005: Crash fixed on general attack into undefended City, Minor AI fix for Mana trading.
Version 004: Speed enhancements, enabling trading for mana 2+.
Version 003: Updates for version 0.22h
Version 002: Several causes for crashes have been removed.
Version 001: First attempt. Had some defects which caused crashes.
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