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Wiser Orcs 2016-10-05

This is a modification to Fall From Heaven II (0.25l) to improve its AI.


  1. Logged into an account with sufficient privileges to modify the needed folders, (if you don't know what these are, you likely have them):
  2. Go to your mods folder (default is C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meir's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods)
  3. Make a copy of your present Fall from Heaven II 0.33e folder.
  4. Rename that copy (such as "Wiser Orcs 0.33c 006")
  5. Enter the main directory of the main Wiser Orcs folder.
  6. Copy the Assets folder from within the .zip file into this directory.
  7. You should get warnings that you're overwriting directories and/or files. Indicate Yes to all.
  8. Verify that (The main directory)\Assets\CvGameCoreDLL.DLL has a date of 09/21/2008. If it doesn't, you didn't install this correctly.
  9. If desired, copy the shortcut from the main Wiser Orcs folder to the desktop, and change the target mod to the new Wiser Orcs folder name, or just load the mod normally from any Civ IV shortcut.

Thread: Here.

History (Full):
Version 006: Civilization Strategy framework, Merge with Fall From Heaven II 0.33e, numerous defect fixes, several changes to tech choosing logic.
Version 005: Food fixes from defects from 004; Growth no longer inhibited by large production/trade; City Plots/Radius fixes; various minor speedups
Version 004: More Hyborem food fixes; correct .dll loaded.
Version 003: Merge with Fall From Heaven II 0.33c
Version 002: Faster base barbarian teching (and more specific to the game). AI responds to aggressive barbarians much better. AI can create Great Works with Prophet-type units, Fair Combat support, exploration units no longer self-destruct.
Version 001: AI now handles lack of growth through food and food per population varying by civic better. AI now can save wealth; this is particuarly important for Khazad, who now attempt to gain and maintain Overflowing Vaults.
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