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Southeast Asia 2016-10-05

Southeast Asia Huge map.

Its just a map of Southeastern Asia centered on the Mekong River delta and Ho Chi Minh City.
It stretches from the border of India and Burma in the west to far past the Gulf of Tonkin, and
goes from Hanoi in the north to Singapore in the south. Its slightly distorted partially
because this is my first map, and because I wanted to fit in Singapore and Hanoi and still have
room for part of Borneo and Java.

Changes made from regular game rules:

-Since there's so much jungle, I changed the movement cost from 3 to 1, the turns to cut it from 16 to 8,
and the strength of the disease from 50 to 10 (should be a lot less now), as well as making the disease
go away with the discovery of Sanitation.

-Marsh disease decreased from 50 to 10, and goes away with sanitation.

This is my first map, so I'd love to hear from you!
Problems? Comments? Praise?
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