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Sports Mod / Module {BTS 3.17} 2016-10-05

Sports Mod / Module {BTS 3.17}

  1. Crighton
    Sports Mod / Module v1.0

    This Mod/Module adds three new modern era buildings to CIV. I used HROCHland's baseball, soccer and football stadiums for the buildings and created buttons to go with each. Discusion thread.

    Baseball / Soccer / Football Stadiums -
    Cost: 260
    Plus One Happy
    Plus One Happy per 20% Culture Rate
    Plus 5% Commerce
    Negative 5% War Weariness
    Requires: Mass Media
    Requires: Bank
    Requires: Broadcast Tower

    Baseball Stadium Model - Yankee Stadium - HROCHland
    Baseball Stadium Button - Crighton
    Football Stadium Model - Veterans Stadium - HROCHland
    Football Stadium Button - Crighton
    Soccer Stadium Model - Wembley Field - HROCHland
    Soccer Stadium Button - Crighton

    When you download and unzip the file I left it in the Module format for anyone who wants to simply add it to their own particular Mod. If you wish to add this as a Mod simply create a folder in your BTS Mods directory then unzip the file into the one you just created.



    P.S. - Any suggestions and commentary would be appreciated.


    1. sports_8uW.jpg