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Star Trek mod 2016-10-05

This mod was originally started by Glorfinder/Kenta'arka and continued by myself.

Playable races:
* United Federation of Planets
* Klingon Empire
* Romulan Empire
* Borg Collective
* Cardassian Union
* The Dominion
* The Q Continuum (NEW!)

Minor races (unplayable):
Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians, Bolians, Suleban, Orions, Rigellians, Saurians, Kzinti, First Federation, Breen, Denobulans, Tzenkethi, Ferengi, Bajorans, Tholians, Gorn, Thalosians, Species 8472, Xindi, Betazoid, Trill, Bynars and the Son’a.

The design of the map is based on the Star Trek atlas by Geoffrey Mandel, so the location of the different species should be more or less correct, except for the Xindi and the Delphic Expanse for which no maps where available. I know that most Trek fans would put the Expanse west of the Federation, but I decided to place it between the Romulans and the Klingon to get a reasonable spread of the different civs over the map.
I included three different maps with this mod: the old map from the previous mod version (0.7), my own XXL version and the XXL version with subspace corridors (basically a network of coast tiles connecting the systems, preventing the AI from drifting off too much in interstellar space. I took this idea from Smoking Mirror’s Space Armada mod and it seems to work pretty well in the game).

Luxuries are usually located with the species that produce it and there are usually only 3 of each. In this game there is: Latinum (Ferengi), Romulan ale, Exotic fruits, Tholian silk, Karemma Fleece (Dominion), Rigellian chocolate, Orions spices, Saurian brandy, Klingon Bloodwine and Ketracel white (Dominion and Son’a). With so many alcoholic and drug luxuries, I wonder if there should be a legal minimum age for playing this mod… :D

I included my new Star Trek interface with this mod, as well as many new bonus resources spread all over the map for added Trek ‘flavour’.

I’m afraid I have no unit creating abilities, so I will have to disappoint those of you who were waiting for some cool, new spaceships. I found a number of units that kind of matched the things I needed and replaced them? So now there are new Borg (T-800 by Morpheus), Gorn (Skink by Kinboat), Q (no going to tell you, it’s a surprise… :D) and some others…
I also included Adlers shuttle as an aerial reconnaissance unit which are either based on a starship or a colony.

The map is optimized for playing as the Federation, but the game should be ok as well for the Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians. The Borg and the Dominion are less advisable since they are locked in their quadrants for about half of the game until the discovery of Space Navigation. This is done so first contact with these races is not established too early in the game, so they’ll be strong once you meet them. Playing as the Borg you will also have your hands full on Species 8472 with who you’re immediately at war.
If you are not looking for a challenge, but rather the opposite, then you can play the Q and mess up the entire galaxy in a snap of your fingers. They are so powerful that nothing but Omega weaponry can touch them…

Please note that this is a work in progress. I have taken it as far as I could with what I could find in these pages and all the great things the people that started this mod had already made.
However still quite a few units are missing, as well as leaderheads. Anyone that could help me with those would be more than welcome. I know Flamescreen recently started another Trek mod for which he plans to make lots of new graphics, so there is still hope for this mod ever being finished… :)

You can find the graphics here (48.2Mb) and the maps in attachment.

For screenshots and more information:

Aug.2 2005: Added updated civilopedia and pediaicons, just replace the old ones with the ones included in the zip file. Descriptions of the techs are not available, only of the units and buildings.
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