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Star Wars Civ (BtS) Modular 2016-10-05

We in CFC have a JERK in our mist, who goes around rating one star, so pls rate this now 3 stars or above when rating, thx.

This is some of the units i found, i am going to place in more, and anyone that wants to help can and or make suggestions what to change, add etc.

Again, some of the UnitClass does not match but its all Civ4 has to offer for now.

Leader: Darth Vader
Units: ATAT as Infantry, ATST as rifleman, Avenger as Mech Infantry, A Wing as tank, E Wing as tank, Jedi bluesword as scout, Jedi greensword as explorer, Landspeeder as marine, Link as warrior, Sith as archer, SithAssassin as crossbowman, Sith Marauder as longbowman, Sith Master,as horsearcher, Tie bomber as bomber, Tie Defender as musketman, Tie Fighter as jet fighter, Tie Interceptor as Stealth bomber, Vader as maceman, spring worker as worker, X Wing OPen as Modern Armorer, Yoda Greensword as axeman, Yoda redsword as Swordsman, and Y Wing as cavalry.

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