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Strategic geography MOD v.1.0.Alpha

Make use of geography

  1. Strategic geography MOD v. 1.0 - Alpha

    Name changed to : Strategic geography MOD
    Removed City minimum Range and starting distance


    1. StrategicGeography mod.jpg
  2. Version 2.1.Alpha

    Version 2.1.Alpha

    1. Bugfixes (again) :crazyeye:
    2. 'UNIT_RANGER', / 'UNIT_SCOUT', / 'UNIT_SPY', - Unit is Hidden in Forrest or Jungle
    3. +20% Growth in City´s when build on rice or wheat resource
  3. Enhanced sight and defense

    Enhanced sight and defense v. 2. Alpha

    What this Mod attempt to do amongst other things is to make use of hills as a strategically Position.

    For version 2, I did a lot of rewriting of the Code, i guess i learned a little bit from my mistakes and Fixed some Bugs, almost every feature of this Mod so far should work stable and as intended, but its still an Alpha.

    Please leave a Comment when finding any Bugs or if you have any Suggestions or Ideas.

    UnitAbillity´s are no...
  4. Update V. 1.1 Alpha

    Update V. 1.1 Alpha

    1. Added: Siege and Cavalry Units

    2. - 5 Reduced Combat Strenght when Attacking Forrest or Jungles

    3. + 1 Extra Attack when on a Hill

    4. Cannot Attack Marsh Ability

    5. Fixes