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Technocracy Government Icon 2016-10-05

Technocracy Government Icon

  1. GenMarshall
    Government Icon for Civ3

    The technocracy form of government evolved out of two particularly distinct sets of political philosophies: the growing cult of the technology-obsessed who saw in the advancement of science the answers to all of the world's ills, and the scattered remnants of authoritarian, fascist and reactionary thinkers who continued to bear the flag of totalitarianism as a viable political system. The first technocratic nations were solidly based on a strict social hierarchy system that valued intelligence and aptitude, particularly for science and technology, above all else. Industry and corporations were given free reign to conduct business in the most laissez faire markets the world had seen.

    However, the economic upheavals of a free market system, combined with a rapidly expanding population of poor and disenfranchised people began to place a burden on the state. Most technocrats had little patience for social issues, regarded education as a waste of resources on anyone but the extremely gifted. In order to deal with the increasingly embittered throngs of masses cut off from better opportunities, technocracies relied on the military and police to enforce order. Surveillance systems were ubiquitous, and prison systems expanded to accommodate for an influx of new criminals. Technocracies were characterized by elitism, violations of personal freedom and an unprecedented zealousness in the pursuit of science.