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TTT - Chivalry's Final Stand 2017-02-26

TTT Hundred Years War Scenario Mod

  1. dacubz145
    Picture2.png First TTT mod in a while, but not the last


    Currently have a 1337 Scenario, encompassing the beginning of the war.

    -Kingdom of England
    -Kingdom of France
    -Kingdom of Scotland
    -Holy Roman Empire
    -Kingdom of Denmark*
    -Lordship of Ireland*
    -Norwegian Empire*
    -Kingdom of Navarre*
    -Crown of Castille*

    Medieval Era
    -Small tech tree allows you to slowly advance about 100 years worth
    -Cities are small, outside of few exceptions, and will take a very long time to grow
    -Utilize the weaponry of the day with new units like the Longswordsman
    -Unique Unit Styles create dynamic looking armies (English, French, Holy Roman, Spanish, Scandinavian, Celt)

    1337 Scenario
    -Travel back in time to the outbreak of one of Europe's most important wars
    -Invade France with English Longbowman, or defend your homeland with French Knights
    -Lots of cities, historically places with historical population sizes
    -Largest cities (like London and Paris) are extra valuable, as they can significantly produce more than many of the smaller cities combined
    -Large map, but due to the small urban population and small standing armies at the time, turns do not take forever (about 20-30 seconds on my computer, albeit a quicker one)


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Recent Reviews

  1. Luthor_Saxburg
    Version: 2017-02-26
    It's a good start but needs to develop to be a full scenario.
  2. Bananass
    Version: 2017-02-26