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[Tut] Nifscope 2016-10-05

[Tut] Nifscope

  1. The_Coyote
    The purpose of this tutorial is to have a some information how to use nifscope written down. While for sceneviewer (aka nifviewer), the from Firaxis provided tool, already lots of tutorials exists, the same can´t be said for nifscope.

    So here i try to give you an impression how to work with a tool, with may thanks to the niftools team for providing and creating it, A tool which is my eyes better than nifviewer and also allows you more things to do. It seems that i use the outdated version 1.0.8, but there shouldn´t be big differences the handling.

    The tutorial will start with the basic in how to use the program and will cover all fields i know. Hopeful if somebody knows more about it, he will add the information. If later questions arise i will cover them in the thread, and perhaps if my time allows it and it´s worth, update this text.

    Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=305606