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War Wheel (Steampunk) 2016-10-05

War Wheel (Steampunk)

  1. The_Coyote
    The model was created by /]rchon - and he asked me a while ago if i could animate the wheel

    Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=362182

    Now i finally had the time for it. So here is the animated war wheel.

    The complete model has ~ 1450 vertices and 1250 triangels (2400 for the non shader mesh - stripified to support damage texture), and uses one 256 texture (together with a 128 gloss and 128*256 damage texture)

    It´s only a very basic animation set - only one strike (machine gun weapon effect) and die animation - and run surely isn´t perfect. Some parts of the animation and the nif were based on Refars "Wehrmacht Biker".

    Tested and scaled with modern armor xml entry


    1. promo_spJ.jpg