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Tutorial: Play Civ 1 on Android Mobile!

play civ 1 on android

  1. raen
    Already 25 five years!

    Folks, lets open the wild modding of civ1 again!

    I found a solution to play Civ 1 on my android smart phone, the real deal, no remakes, the real one! I just play it in the subway.

    You first download doxbox app for android:

    Next app is the keyboard, you will need the directions, including page down and such:

    You put your game folder in downloads folder of your android phone.

    Touch substitutes mouse, but put mouse in absolute tracking (default is relative wich doesnt work with civ1 very well)

    Original Thread

    Enjoy :cool:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alvarez
    Nice way to make people know about this great game - that haven't received any updated version for modern PCs.
    1. raen
      Author's Response
      Nicely said, thanks :)