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Unit Report Screen 1.7.3

Adds a Unit Report Screen and Fixes Yields Report

  1. GMiller7138
    currentdeals.png Unit Report Screen.png Yield Report.png

    This mod enhances the Report Screen.

    Units Tab:
    • Breaks down all of your units into groups such as Military (separated by Land/Sea/Air), Civilian and Support, Traders, Spies, and Great People.
    • Unit stats are listed based on which group they are allocated to. For instance, military units will show Health and Movement, while civilian units will show how many charges they have left.
    • You can select and zoom to any unit on the list
    • Promote/upgrade military units without exiting screen
    • Sort units by clicking on header of each stat.

    Yields Tab:
    • Added a "Hide City Buildings" checkbox which hides building yields in order to better compare yields between cities
    • Sorted Yields. Clicking the header in City Income will allow you to sort by descending order. To list yields in ascending order, re-click the same button
    • Building Expenses displays district maintenance costs. These are combined for each city and labeled as "Districts".
    • Units Expenses added. Units are grouped and will show total cost per type. Policies that reduce unit maintenance costs are taken into account.

    City Status:
    • Sorted Fields

    Current Deals:
    • Displays current deals you have with other civilizations. Includes duration, what is being traded, etc.

    I respected localization tags when set, but did not add any new ones. I apologize if this causes any issues.

    To install, unzip the file into your Mods folder. This is usually located in Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods.

    Click Additional Content in the Main Menu and click Enable next to Unit Report Screen. You must start a new game when first enabling this mod.

    Feel free to let me know if you see any bugs or have any issues. Any ideas are also welcome.

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Recent Reviews

  1. babaka001
    Version: 1.7.3
    Awesome; thanks so much for adding sanity back into civ unit management. I still cannot believe the developer and/or publisher released a civ version since the first one in 1991, without this feature.
  2. qadams
    Version: 1.71
    Excellent, very helpful!
  3. Diamond25
    Version: 1.71
    Helps significantly managing your empire and units towards the end of the game
  4. Hitesh12
    Version: 1.71
    Awesome mod !
  5. Regul
    Version: 1.71
    Nice enhancement, really appreciated mod! Now one can find all those 'sleeping' units on map.
  6. Nanuk
    Version: 1.70
    This should've been in the game to begin with. Thank you for this resource.
  7. Indoorsman
    Version: 1.61
    Very nice.
  8. Mentos
    Version: 1.61
    Very useful if you like to find units or upgrade them on the fly.
  9. Finwickle
    Version: 1.51
    Excellent, and much needed, mod. I love the extra features you are quickly developing. Keep up the good work
  10. Tipok
    Version: 1.51
    Превосходный мод! Must have.