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UU Madness 1.04 2016-10-05

UU Madness 1.04 - Converted to Warlords by Primax
Creds to FP for the original UU Madness for Civ4

Unit Changes:
Que’Cha – Requires Corn OR Wheat OR Rice, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Fast Worker – Requires Incense, Stats/Cost Unchanged (change to fur)
Praetorian – Requires Iron and Deer, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Cho-Ko-Nu- Requires Iron and Gems, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Conquistador – Requires Horses AND (Gold or silver) - no Iron, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Cossack – Requires Horses and Fur, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Immortal – Requires Horses and Pig, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Jaguar – Requires Stone, 5str, 2 movement, Ignores Terrain Cost, 25% City Attack Bonus,

Cost Unchanged
Keshik – Requires Horses and Sheep, 6str, 2 movement, Ignores Terrain Cost, NO First

Strike, 50% vs. Catapults, 25% vs. Melee, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Musketeer- Requires Dye, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Navy Seal – Requires Hit Music or Hit Drama or Hit Movies, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Panzer – Requires Oil and Bananas, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Phalanx – Requires IRON (not copper) and Gold, 5str, +50% vs Ranged, +100% vs Mounted

Costs Unchanged
Redcoat – Requires Sugar, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Samurai – Requires Iron and Wine, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Skirmisher – Requires Marble, Stats/Cost Unchanged
War Chariot – Requires Horses and Silver, Stats/Cost Unchanged
Gallic Warrior - Requires Sheep and Cow - added by primax - suggested by smat834
Numidian Calvalry - Requires hore and clam - added by Primax - suggested by smat834
Jannisarry - Requires Spice - added by Primax - suggested by smat834

Game Changes:
Spawn Rate of Iron, Copper, Horses increased by approximately 75% (I think)

Installation Instructions:

*Unzip this file to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization

*Remember to change C:\Program Files.. to your install directory or drive if you installed to a different location.

*Simply goto Advanced/Load a Mod from main menu to load MOD.
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