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V.D.R.N V.02 BETA 2016-10-05


  1. Echo of Celts

    V.02 BETA is out it includes

    - Varietas Delectat
    - Revolution
    - JK's Not Just Another Next War Mod
    - Regiments by Gedemon
    - Influence Driven War by Moctezuma
    - Lt.Bob Global Warming
    - Bhruic's Unofficial Patch (Was in V.01 but as part of Revolution, but thought I would mention it)

    Dale's Combat Mod has been removed temporarily. I am working on re-integrating it piece by piece. First with the Stand Alone Air Bombing Missions added in, then with Stand Alone C.A.S.A. added in. I will try to pull Artillery and Archery bombardment out of D.C.M. and merge them as well. The other features of D.C.M. such as Autoplay (already in Revolutions), Civ Changer and Civ Customizer are going to be left out at this time.