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VisualHG for ModBuddy 2016-10-05

VisualHG for ModBuddy

  1. ArgentumStudios
    For those Civ 5 developers who use Mercurial for version control, I've built and repackaged VisualHG for use with ModBuddy. No code modifications were made to the package below. If you find any functionality that isn't working, please let me know and I will look into it. It does require that TortoiseHG be installed.

    * Download and install TortoiseHG
    * Download the zip file below and extract it.
    * Register ModBuddy as a Visual Studio Isolated Shell
    * Run the 'vsix' file found in the zip file to run the installer.
    * Install the extension into ModBuddy.
    * Restart ModBuddy.
    * Go to Tools -> Options -> Source Control and enable VisualHG from the drop down.
    * Right click on the toolbar area and enable the VisualHG toolbar (optional).

    2010-10-09: VisualHG 1.0.9 for ModBuddy

    Spoiler Screenshot :

    If our Mercurial users would prefer HgSccPackage instead, I can look into building a package of it as well.

    I would like to thank CommanderZ for providing the tutorial for registering ModBuddy as a VS Isolated Shell and also packaging AnkhSVN for our Subversion users.


    1. visualhg_screenshot_2Dp.png