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(VP) Religious Victory

(VP) Religious Victory v 0.7

First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 4.8 compatibility

    Updates after the recent round of Fealty changes. Key point is there is no "votes from every 10...
  2. diplo modifier changes

    The Diplo reduction now kicks in when you get within 30% of the threshold required for the sage...
  3. Fixed foreign religion conquer problems

    The work around for when your religion is one you've taken from someone else is no longer...
  4. stop vassals declaring war

    also increased the sage meditate to 25 turns to account for work rate reduction effects
  5. AI behaviour and compatibility

    When you purchase a sage, only civs less than friendly will declare war on you (down from...
  6. Workaround for capturing another civ's religion

    there is a lua problem in the backend in the mean time we have a work around. may lead to funny...
  7. v 0.1 again

    Fixed a text error on the victory screen
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