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War of the Realm 2016-10-05

"By the beginning of the New Age, the various Human lords, Dwarven clans, and Elven communities in the Eastern Realm of Danaeron, around the vast Paladantine River had established strong empires in their immediate viscinities. Some lords were masters of island communitites in the Great Eastern Ocean, whereas most were lords of citadels in the country. The New Year 127 marked the beginning of the devastating Realm Wars that rocked the area..."
- Extract from 'The New History of Danaeron and Her Nations' by Richmond Halley, Copyright 1837

Each race has its own unique units and wonders of the world. The hardest race to play as would be the Dwarves, while the two easiest to play as are the Northern Realm and the Holy Empire.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Patch is called Realm11.
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