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Warhammer Orks - Civ 2 Classic Collection 2016-10-05

The Orks are the remnants of a once diverse race of green-skinned creatures whose colonies extended over the most of the galaxy. This ancient Ork race appears to have been devided into three distinct physical castes: the slave caste called Gretchin, the warrior caste called Orks, and the master or ruling caste known to the Orks as Brain Boyz. The Brain Boyz were the driving force behind the civilisation, developing technology and directing the other castes. The Orks and Gretchin may well have been specialised mutants created deliberately by the Brain Boyz to perform restricted tasks, but it will probably never be known for certain. Whatever the truth of the matter, the Brain Boyz died out long ago, leaving the Orks to inherit the remains of their civilisation. If Ork legends are anything to go by, the Brain Boyz died out in a great plague that lasted for many centuries, causing them to dwindle in numbers and eventually to die out altogether. Fortunately for the Orks, the Brain Boyz evidently predicted what would happen and took steps to preserve what they could of their knowledge by engineering it into the genetic structure of their slaves. (Paragraph taken from Codex Orks Warhammer supplement Games Workshop)

I made this a very long time ago and to be honest I cannot even remember much about it except that I based it very heavily on the Orks of Warhammer by the Games Workshop. I know you begin as one of the Orkoid clans on an Orkoid planet and begin to develop Ork technology that takes you through the Warhammer Fantasy age of Orcs, right through to the Warhammer 40K Orks. You can also communicate with other Ork Clans and war with them as usual.

Most of the building graphics I admittedly stole from someone else’s Scenario that came with my Civilization boxed set, but most of the Unit Graphics I hand drew myself from scratch. A few have been modified from the other scenarios creations.
After all of these years since when I made it, I don’t think anyone has actually played this before. I thought it was about time I let it out there in the hopes that someone finally gets to play it and hopefully some enjoyment out of it at the same time.

Have fun.

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