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Wondrous Goody Huts 1.35

Introduces eight wondrous new tribal village rewards.

  1. Accidentally left debug mode on in last upload.

    Sailor Cat
    Accidentally left debug mode on in last upload.
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  2. Many updates.

    Sailor Cat
    Update from 1.30 to 1.35 because Steam release was that far ahead.

    • Added Comandante General exception.
    • Fixed natural wonder reward, which will now include water wonders. Random unit spawner will now only spawn uniques.
    • Added better resource spawn scripts from Atelier civilization, including sidebar notification and no resources spawning under districts. Added hero restriction for formation upgrade.
    • Tiny but significant typo.
    • Changed trigger event to fix for Sumeria,...
  3. Wonder reward rework.

    Sailor Cat
    Changed the wonder reward to no longer yeet your unit to the wonder. Instead, it reveals the wonder.