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[XML+Python] Choose your colony 2016-10-05

[XML+Python] Choose your colony

  1. The_J
    This mod component allows you to choose who you want to be the leader of your colonies.
    After you hit the liberation button on the popup, you'll get a list of all the civ leaders (besides the ones which you have already met), and can decide who you want to have.
    In case that the unrestricted leaders options is activated you'll also be able to choose which civilization your colony should be.
    This mod component is only valid for the human player, the AI will NOT get the same options.

    - Does not work in MP. In MP the normal colony option will be active.
    - The +10 attitude for liberating is not available via Python. You'll instead get +10 for past events.

    - In the choosingColonies.py you have the variable bUnrestrictedLeaders. If you set it to True (default is False), you'll always be able to choose additionally the civilization.
    - If you set the variable bEverythingColony to True (default is False), you'll also be able to create colonies out of 1 city islands.

    There are 4 files in the download:
    - A text XML with the custom text
    - Python\choosingColonies.py with most of the custom code. Nothing to change here, besides the mentioned variables above. Just drop that file in the Python folder.
    - Python\entryPoints\CvScreensInterface.py with 3 changes, all labeled with "choosing colonies"
    - Python\Screens\CvDomesticAdvisor with 3 changes, all labeled with "choosing colonies".

    This component was requested by RyanTheGreat.

    In case you have a question or want to report a bug, then please post in this thread.

    Re-uploaded on February, 19th 2012, 16:19 forum time
    - Fixed a bug which caused all colonies having warriors as starting units
    - Added exception handling for the case the colony can't conscript any units.
    Thanks to dacubz145 for finding the problem :).


    1. colony_grantindependence_fnm.jpg
    2. colony_chooseleader_7eU.jpg
    3. colony_leader_QGn.jpg