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[XML+Python] Events minipack 2016-10-05

[XML+Python] Events minipack

  1. The_J
    This mod component includes 5 new random events, all with at least 1 non-standard effect.
    For the events themself please see the attached screenshots.

    If you want to merge it, please look in the what-is-in.txt in the root folder to see where the stuff begins and what has to be changed.

    The minipack can be used as is (if you want), all necessary prerequisites and effects are in.

    These effects were requested by dacubz145.
    If you have any questions, then pleas post them in this thread.


    1. assimilation_jH5.jpg
    2. corporation_relocation_5DV.jpg
    3. paramilitary_weg.jpg
    4. religious_riots_5r4.jpg
    5. urban_escape_qh0.jpg