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[XML+Python] VictoriesPlus 2016-10-05

[XML+Python] VictoriesPlus

  1. The_J
    This mod component ads 2 new victory types: The Utopia victory (means you have to build a project), and the Roman conquerers victory (the Romans win if Celts and Carthage are destroyed).
    The AI does in general not understand new victory types, so this is more meant as flavor for scenarios and for human players (and sure be meant for other modders, to adjust it for their scenarios).
    Due to a hack the AI will actually try to build the Utopia project (thanks to platyping).

    In the download you will find:
    - 2 XML files for text
    - GameInfo\ProjectInfos.xml and VictoryInfos.xml for the needed XML adjustments
    - Python\CvEventManager.py with a big entry for the Utopia project (separated in its effect [endless happiness and neverending peace], the actual winning, and part of the AI hack), and 2 entries for the Roman conquerers victory. All changes are labeled with "VictoriesPlus". The utopia part is additionally labeled with "utopia", the conquerers victory with "roman conquerers".
    - Python\Screens\CvPediaProject.py with ad adjustment so that the help text is properly displayed in the civilopedia (labeled with "victories plus")
    - Python\Screens\CvVictoryScreen, with 1 adjustment for the conquerers victory (display of utopia works automatically; the change is labeled with "VictoriesPlus")

    Credits go to platyping for his help with debugging and the project AI hack, and to platyping and j_mie for the changes in the CvPediaProject.

    This mod component is a compilation of 2 requests from Civciv5 and topsecret.

    For any questions please see this thread.


    1. victoriesplus_v23.jpg