1. Walter Hawkwood

    [UNIT] Jet Warplanes

    Hi everyone! This is a pet project that appeared out of me working on Realism Invictus mod. In a search for flavor units, I converted some planes from Supreme Ruler game and then found myself endlessly retexturing those for different civs. I ended up making a ton of units, and I decided to post...
  2. Walter Hawkwood

    Jet Warplanes: MiG-15 2017-04-07

    Jet Warplanes: MiG-15 This is a series of packs for jet combat airplanes from the second half of XX century. These are conversions from Supreme Ruler (with one exception of MiG-15, which is converted from Blitzkrieg), retextured by me in colors of various nations. This pack contains 12...
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