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  1. CGQ

    [BTS] How the heck do I approach this start? Coastal but no fishing start (Shaka Immortal Game)

    I just rolled an immortal start with Shaka and it's...well interesting. So we got a leader with no fishing, only has a AGRI, but at least there's a grassland piggy. No fishing to take advantage of seafood. My first instinct is to move my scout 1SE to see if there's any more land food: My...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] Tell me your worst rage-quit moments!

    I've played this game long enough to have a few moments where I legit slammed my mouse and ALT+F4'd my way out of the game out of anger. It could be a barb taking my city by surprise, it could be losing a war, anything. What is your moment that made you rage-quit, or made you so mad it made you...
  3. CGQ

    [BTS] How do I get out of an economic situation like this? (Immortal Isolated game)

    So I started playing an old game from two years ago (continents, no huts/events). The leader is Bismark and I had this nice double corn start. I met my very close neighbor Pacal II and when I found I had copper I did a nice Axe rush and with only 8 axes was able to take all his 3 cities filled...
  4. A

    [BTS] How to make leader changing on time?

    Hello everyone, while playing Civilization IV, I'm Roosevelt from World War II and I meet *my laugh* Cleopatra who lived 50 B.C.E. The leaders there also live like 6,000 years, so I guess all of you want a lifespan like Cleopatra's in civilization IV, not Cleopatra's in real life. As for the...
  5. A

    How to disable this game feature?

    Hello everyone, when you want to make a leader, you put a 2D photo into the game and the game shows a 3D projection of the leader Does anyone know how to disable this feature and what to do to give the leader three-dimensional projections to make it look realistic? By the way, I also have a...
  6. A

    Wrong post

  7. A

    how to create changing flags in civ IV

    CHi, I'm thinking about creating a mod about the history from 1910 to 2023. I thought to myself, but then flags changed as well as leaders and names of countries. Germany will be an example.In the early 1910s germanu was Prussia which had two black lines at the bottom and top and a coat of arms...
  8. A

    how to fix the bug with the appearance of the earth in civ IV

    Hi, while playing civ iv i noticed that the earth is twice as big as it should be. I mean, for example, Europe can be seen from both sides if you look at the earth from space. Another problem that annoys me is how to remove this ice cover at the poles of the map. because Greenland is at the...
  9. A

    [BTS] I would like to make a mod with autonomy.

    Hi, while creating the mod, I came up with the idea of autonomy, i.e. civilizations that can develop the country and earn on raw materials from those areas and create cities. Autonomy, however, would not be able to train or use the army (unless the country to which the autonomy belongs declares...
  10. O

    [BTS] How to make leader who will be change in time?

    Hello all. How to make changing leader who will be change in time? Something like thats: One was from one era, second for etc. Or one from XXX year to YYY year?
  11. CGQ

    [BTS] My Very First Deity Shadow Game Ever! It's finally time...(Re-Roll Edition)

    The time has come. Years of training have all but led up to this moment. Many games have been won, many games lost, and many games I just quit halfway through cuz I don't got no damn time. But now...at long last, I will finally take on the hardest difficulty CIV IV has to offer! Deity!! Oh how...
  12. CGQ

    [BTS] New Shadow Game...But with several twists!

    Instead of the usual settings, I've been winning a lot of Immortal domination games lately so I decided to try a Terra map this time :D
  13. CGQ

    [BTS] How often do you re-load? I do it all the time and I want to know if I'm the only one

    I've played this game for the last 3 years and I can't tell you how many times I've raged/reloaded! I usually try to avoid re-loading. When I gamble for instance, fine. But... Lose a super-promoted great general in a 80-90% odds battle? Reload. Lose a settler to a bear? Reload. Mis-click...
  14. E

    Urban "decay" making education rate change negative...

    City Screen -- mousing over education entry -- shows "decay" as the cause / source of the noe negative education modifier. Example: Education (the books icon) " 2371 / -6" Losing 6 education points each turn. Because of "decay." What can I do to address this situation? How do I fix...
  15. Louis the XIV

    [BTS] Meso America 2.0

    You probably know the Meso America mod in civ 4 BTS. Well this is that but much Better! Spain is not a minor civ anymore and you can Play with them. Wonders names make more sense. Explorers can attack and have a power combat of 6. I know that it's not historically correct that the Spanish start...
  16. Louis the XIV

    The Middle Ages MOD+SCENARIO!

    This is my First Mod for BTS CIV 4. Hope you like it! What is Happening: The Mongol Invasions, The Crusades, The Viking Plunders, The Reconquista, Unification of England, Seljuk Turk attacks, Bulgarian invasions, and many more! PLAYABLE CIVS: Every Civ is Playable. CIVS: BARBARIANS: I put at...
  17. CGQ

    [BTS] Emperor Shadow Game With Zara Yaqob Ethiopia

    My second attempt at a shadow game, help me get my first win on emperor!
  18. doum.geno27

    [BTS] Help with my mod and map

    So I've installed the mod to have more than 18civs in Beyond The Sword that is detailed here : https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/modding-maps-with-a-text-editor.374496/#5 I've followed all the steps one by one with attention, but everytime I try to start a game it just crashes (even if it...
  19. Holgersson

    More than 18 civs (mod)

    Hi, I have the Civ IV latest version, with BtS 3.19. I like play on huge world maps with 18 civilizations. However, I would like to add some civilizations to my earth map. Like Persians, Ethiopians etc But adding these in my Public Map file is not efficient. I began to read some threads in...
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