1. W

    Major game issues

    Hey Everyone, I guess long story short, I am having a couple of issues that are completely destroying any attempt to do a playthrough of Civ V with Vox Populi. First off, I can't establish trade routes. I can build caravans, but the game won't let me send them anywhere. I have granaries in all...
  2. ayronis

    [R&F] Possible city ceding bug?

    In my last SP game, I conquered a city but had not decided whether or not to keep the city when I entered into diplomatic negotiations with the previous owner. We agreed to a peace treaty, and he ceded all the prior conquered cities to me, but the last one, which I had still not decided to keep...
  3. T

    R&F Unearned Achievements

    Here's a new one? In the past few days I earned two achievement I should not have. A few days ago, I purposely set out to earn Metroplex - completely surround my Government Plaza with districts or wonders I earn at the start of the turn. I had three of those hexes filled when the badge popped...
  4. civplayer33

    Feedback: Some Notes and Questions

    First of all, thank you for creating this (unofficial) expansion, it greatly enhances the game! I don't want this post to sound too negative, so just consider this to be the only flaws (IMO) in an otherwise excellent mod; I have been playing it for some months now and this is just feedback from...
  5. W

    About employed citizens

    I have some buildings that are already obsolete (either by technology or by civic options), but still employing citizens. I believe that if the buildings does not work any more, it does not generate benefits, it also should not generate harms. Estou certo?
  6. Cosmic Fox

    Is there a reason on maps larger then huge the AI seems to quit?

    I love gigantic size maps, I enjoy the exploration part of the game a lot. :) I am using Mynex Map pack, (I've used all of the map scripts same results) Immense allows 24 players, I added only 10 figuring that will give AI and myself a lot of land to explore and give some promotions...
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