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bug civ 6

  1. 3

    Viking Raid Achievement bugged

    Hey I cannot score this achievement. I have done it on multiple maps but it never registers it :/ Let me know if I can provide anymore info that would be of help. Thank you.
  2. R

    [NFP] Huge Earth TSL doesn't give True Start locations

    When I open up the Huge Earth Map TSL. I never spawn in the appropriate Location. I was trying to play a game as Australia and I spawned in Africa, then Canada and then Northern Europe. In the last attempt, Australia in Finland, Poland in Spain, Mali in Saudi Arabia, Scythia in West Africa...
  3. S

    PS4 crashing Version 1.10

    I have been having crashes on PS4 in the November patch very frequently late game. I am playing on a large map with 8 AI. The last game I played went perfectly fine, however two games ago I also experienced late game crashes. I believe it has to do either with large maps or with Gaul. Both of...
  4. J

    Hall of Fame Losing Progress

    I have noticed in the last day or so that my progress in my Civilization VI Hall of fame has been losing some of it's progress on some of the leaders I have won games with. I keep saved games close to the time frame that the wons occurred so I decided to load one of the games up finish winning...
  5. S

    [GS] Building a Wonder as Alexander

    I'm in the middle of a game now, and I built the Petra in a formerly Maori city which previously had no wonders, and my units were healed to full health. Is this a bug or intended behavior? Only mod I have is Sukitracts Simple UI Adjustments, with all official DLC, Secret Societies mode on, no...
  6. S

    [NFP] 1.06 version ps4 era selection issues and loss of notifications

    I am currently experiencing issues which are preventing me from progressing the era and unable to receive in game notification on ps4 civ 6 version 1.06 I had achieved 28 era score of 25 era score points toward the very first Golden era as the Ethiopian civilization and the square button is not...
  7. A

    [Vanilla] Crash after clicking Internet Game

    Hi. Having problems in EPIC Games version of the Civ6's base game after attempting to start an Internet Game. Just after entering and showing the lobby, the game crashes, with the sound stuttering and, after a while, I get the following message: Unhandled Exception Code...
  8. N

    Leader ribbons disappearing.

    I’ve been playing civ for a while and got the dlc recently. Recently, I loaded up a save and all but two of the leader ribbons in the right menu were gone, and the white info box was delayed by about 2-3 seconds in any menu. I started a new game, and everything was going great until I made...
  9. GuyJones

    Bug with multiplayer

    every time I try to play a multiplayer game it won’t let me join and says “Mod Missing. Additional content is required but either has not been purchased or is not installed. Content: -DLC: Maya and Gran Colombia Pack” This started happening after the most recent update. I have never bought a...
  10. B

    "No Barbarians" option

    I have been selecting the "No Barbarians" option lately. In the last game I played as Montezuma, barbarians showed up out of nowhere with tanks and began attacking my cities. They had not shown up anywhere previously in the game and I have no idea where they came from. This was very late in...
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